ISIS Prepares for the Final Battle in Mosul - The Daily Beast

Life for the Mosul residents still living under ISIS control is tough and full of dangers, as the insurgents battle advancing Iraqi forces without regard for civilian life. The insurgents' defence is predicted to stiffen further.


Mosul residents reluctant to leave despite danger lurking at every turn - The National

"Salem Khader has had no time to mourn the death of his wife, who was killed two days earlier by one of ISIL’s mortar shells raining down on the Mosul neighbourhoods no longer under its control. He is too preoccupied with saving his own life."


‘They Are Heading Towards the Snipers’ - The Daily Beast

            In Mosul, ISIS and the Golden Division dig in, with masses of civilians in the middle.


Mosul’s Radio Hope – the voice ISIL can’t silence - The National

Ghad FM gives hope to Mosul's residents amidst the Islamic State's brutal rule and the impending battle to free the city of the jihadist scourge.


On the Front Lines Approaching the ISIS-Occupied Metropolis of Mosul - The Daily Beast

As the Iraqi army liberates village after village on its way to Mosul, it is greeted by locals relieved to be freed from ISIS oppession. If Baghdad plays its cards right, it could mend fences with Iraq's Sunni population.